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Our Menu

Brighten up your day with our delectable selection of mango-filled desserts, from cakes, pies, to kakanin.


Siguradong, mango-gustuhan mo ito!



The Mango Lyn - the best, the cake is moist and soft and the sweetness of the mango added to the balance flavourness. A cake that we indulged and looking for its taste untiringly. The Mango-Coconut Mousse, what a taste, balanced of sweetness indeed. The Mango Crumble Pie, a good dessert indeed, and heavenly matches with green tea - you can really taste the freshness and goodness of a good ripe mango. The Mango Galera cooked perfectly well. Tol to add the well presented physical appearance of your cakes indeed give justice to the flavourful cakes. Keep it up Vic, for sure will order soon.


Ang sarap ng Mango Cheesecake Pie! I easily had 2 slices I think this is a clear favorite of mine! It has the right sweetness and cheesy flavour with fresh mangoes made. I love the design of the cake and it is well made


Yaayyy! Yes kulang pa. Pasado nga so yummy lahat nasarapan. Konti lang nakain ko kasi inubos na ng mga pamangkin ko kulang pa nga sa amin. They got your numbers. They love the packaging too. we will try other flavors next time. Ordered Mango Coconut Mousse.

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