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July 22nd is a day to celebrate for all mango lovers!

Happy National Mango Day!

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We use just the right amount of sugar not only to maintain our desserts' taste and form. But also to showcase the natural sweetness of our carabao mangoes.

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We value our customers’ trust. To maintain their commitment and trust in our brand, we purchased our own delivery vehicle. This ensures our products arrive safely in their hands, so they may enjoy them whether by themselves or with their loved ones.

Sweet Elena, a species of carabao mango from Zambales, was hailed as one of the best mangoes in the world by the Guinness Book of World Records in 1995! We hope to one day bring our home-grown mangoes to the international scene once more.

Mango Coconut Mousse is our signature cake. It is also one of our best-selling desserts. Try it now!

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